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First of all, I intended on making this juicy little photo shoot my first blog post about six months ago, however, life happens and learning how to run a business took precedent ...

But HERE I AM, Finally ready to start blogging FOR REAL this time!!

For this shoot we used all Ilia and RMS makeup, organic, cruelty-free goodness!! All of the models, Ari, Hyacinth and Shelby were friends or acquaintances that I had to stalk and then eventually work up the courage to ask them to model for me and boy was it worth it, they are all obviously drop dead fine AF.  

I scouted the location, an abandoned, dilapidated  gas station of I95 on the way to Palatka, used our 66 Ford as a prop along with our pals bad ass motor cycle. I called up my girl Goldie creator of Rattle Snake Suitcase (ridiculously curated vintage clothing) to help style the shoot and bring all of the clothes. She nailed it, i'm obsessed with all the vintage duds. 

Kelly Martucci is a photographer I discovered via "insta-stalking".  I shot her an email about my idea and she was all about it. We hit it off instantly, did some mood boarding and the rest is history!! 

This is the first of many!!! Look for makeup and skin care tutorials, photoshoots and everything and anything in between.