White Dragon Matcha (Ceremonial Grade, Naturally Farmed) - 55g

White Dragon Matcha (Ceremonial Grade, Naturally Farmed) - 55g


White Dragon Matcha

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Deep green, soft young leaves from shade-covered tea shoots are picked, dried, steamed and ground. The whole leaf is used and makes a sacred, antioxidant + nutrient-rich tea to be served warm or cool and integrated into daily rituals, recipes, meditations and magical moments.

Matcha is an excellent source for

  • antioxidants
  • chlorophyll
  • sustained energy levels
  • may promote a sense of calm and focus
  • may enhance metabolism
  • may support immunity


Add 1/2 teaspoon to your favorite cup or bowl and an ounce of room temperature water. Whisk gently  (we love to use our Black Bamboo Chasen) and fill remainder of cup 2/3 full with water (warm or cool) and whisk in a zigzag pattern until frothy with love. Makes an excellent addition to smoothies, shakes, raw cakes and even face masks!

Contains 88 Servings


Tea-trees are shade-grown in naturally-cultivated soil, (without the use of any fertiliziers, pesticides, chemical or organic amendments... just water, shade cloth, and some straw and leaves for mulch) in harmony with the forest mountainside where the farm is located in Nara, Japan. The minimal agriculture practices are intended to reflect the quality and signature of the surrounding forests and soil. 

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