He Shou Wu (Wildcrafted) - 80g Jar

He Shou Wu (Wildcrafted) - 80g Jar


Traditional Taoist Herb & Jing Tonic

Superior Blood and Longevity Tonic

He Shou Wu has a history of use as a longevity, anti-aging, blood-building, beauty, & rejuvenation food.

 Regular consumption of this herb may do the following:

  • tonify and nourish the blood, hair, skin, nervous system, sexual center, shen (Spirit), and Jing (primary essence/life force)may help reduce cholesterol
  • a tonic for the endocrine glands
  • may help improve stamina 
  • good for resistance to cold
  • promotes red blood cells
  • enhances immune function
  • increases antioxidant activity 

This is a 10:1 Extract of the Prepared He Shou Wu Root.



Mix 2 grams in water or tea.

Or enjoy  by the spoonful.

In Joy!


Wildcrafted in the “Di Tao” Region of Origin in China.

Contains 80g ~  50 Servings


University of Michigan - Health study

NIH.GOV - study on Asthma 

Conscious Lifestyle - He Shou Wu Benefits


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