Organic Makeup and Why we Love it.

First of all, where was this makeup in my 20's when I was going to bed everynight (hello 3am) with MAC/NARS foundation slathered on my skin, earning me a slew of gaping pores and obnoxious black heads??

Now, well into my 30's,  I could not live without organic makeup or skin care aka Green Beauty.  With companies like Cap Beauty and Gwyneth Paltrows, Goop bringing recognition to brands such as RMS Beauty, Ilia Beauty, and Kjaer and Weiss, just to name a few (of the Best) this might be less of a fad and more of a way of life. 

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and since it is porous, it absorbs whatever you put on it, scary right?? Treat your skincare and makeup routines like a meal, you wouldn't eat a bag of chips for breakfast every morning right? They are cheap, quick and easy but not something you want in your precious temple on a daily basis. Why would you regulary sabotage your delicate epidermus, that eventually reflects the amount of love you show it?  

If you made it to the end of this blog post, thank you for reading, I hope it gets you one step closer to the world of organic health,  wellness and over all way of life!!


the rosy cheek